This research was initiated and conducted by Shirley van der Maarel under the supervision of Dr. Mark Westmoreland and within the MSc Visual Ethnography Programme at Leiden University. It has gained the help of an incredible list of incredible people.

The website was developed by Larry Mills and the guide has kindly been translated in Italian by Silvia di Pasio, and in French by Mélanie Mangeard and Mandy Margham.

Then for the research itself, it would not have taken place in this shape and form, if it were not for the support of Marcella Zeppa from Risehub, who opened the doors to Valle di Comino for me. The housing organisations La Casa di Tom, La Speranza, and Solecuore have been invaluable in by providing data and information to understand refugee policies in Italy. I thank the kind people of the Valli a includere and Danzaterapia projects for welcoming me to their sessions. I am very grateful for the generous financial support of the Leiden University Fund, the Leiden Trustee Fund, and the Minerva Scholarship Fund, as well as for the feedback, enthusiasm and mental support of Dr. Mark Westmoreland, Dr. Andrew Littlejohn, Metje Postma and the whole Leiden University Visual Ethnography class of 2019.

Lastly, and most importantly, this research owes everything to the trust and hospitality of the people who have been part of it: Diango Keita, Ibrahim Yusuf, Nouhan Kone, Sembala Diallo, Yacouba Coulibaly and Yaya Diallo; Fatima; Angela and her kids; Fatima Zahra Maamar with her kids Mohammed and Baraa; Aboubacar, Amadou Kaba, Balatou, Baba, Binta, Diallo, Elisabeth, Fofana, Gibril, Hassan, Ibrahim Bawa, Iffi, Kennedy, Koné, Mado, Mohamed, Moro Kanoute, Nancy, Rana, Raymond Dankwah, Souleymane, Vito and Yaya Diouf; Khalifa, Kofi, Samuel and Thompson; Endurance, Mehmood and Salman; Rana Qaser Mahmud and Tariq; Belinga, Kadir, Karim, Mamadou, Omar, Richard, Rodrigue and Sow; Kingsley; Djidji, Ernest and Moustapha; Silvia di Passio; Luigi Ricciardi; Luciano Caira and Mario Riccardi; Annalisa Gallo, Annarita Leone, Barbara Calcagni, Daniela Costantini and Sonia Martelli; and all the other people who have welcomed me into their lives and homes. No words can express my gratitude for the open arms with which they received me.

Thank you